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Our Product Philosophy

Currently we offer private label 20% Urea Cream, an ultra-hydrating foot cream, a 40% Urea Stick and three different foot care kits, each made with extraordinary ingredients and care.

We know that by using the best natural ingredients in carefully considered formulations, along with effective ingredients like Urea, we can provide extraordinary benefits to patients. Our gentle, yet highly effective products can be used by anyone: diabetics, kids, and older folks.  (Urea products are safe for diabetics with doctor supervision. Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid Urea products.)  Our products are Gluten-Free and safe for people with Celiac-Sprue Disease. 

We focus on using natural ingredients, many of which are Certified Organic. Our products are made in a facility which has passed a rigorous Certified Organic certification, so you can rely on the quality as well as the effectiveness.

Our products work well and they also look, feel and smell good,  so patients enjoy using them - which leads to better compliance.

We fill a middle ground between prescription products and drugstore/mass merchant products, which is why our products are particularly appropriate for doctors to dispense from their offices.

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