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What Ingredients are in our Products?

We use the highest quality natural ingredients, formulated to work together for maximum benefit, without being harmful.  Our key ingredients have a long history of healing, and are listed below:


Aloe Vera:

speeds healing on sunburned and irritated skin, hydrates & soothes.

Jojoba Oil:

creates a protective film over skin that helps draw in moisture.

Shea Butter:

superb emollient butter high in fatty acids, made from African tree nuts.

Sunflower Seed Oil:

a rich emollient that helps soften and soothe skin.


a plant-derived humectant that promotes moisture retention and softens skin.

Vitamin E:

natural preservative and powerful antioxidant that's very soothing to skin.

Comfrey Extract

: helps soothe skin and heal skin irritations.

Rosemary Extract

: helps revive and invigorate skin.


: helps soften and break down dry rough skin so it can be removed.

What's not in our Products? Many commonly used ingredients are worrisome. Some are cheap fillers that offer very little benefit. Others are hazardous when used repeatedly or in combination with other ingredients. Some ingredients are not well tolerated by the body, or are not recommended for children, pregnant women, older folks or those with compromised health.

We do not use these common, yet worrisome ingredients:

parabens       petrolatum                mineral oil               synthetic fragrances
phthalates               synthetic colors             diazolidinyl urea